Skype Broadcast

As an alternative to the uStream broadcast, we also present Skype.  Access to the Broadcast via Skype involves several steps.  The instructions are provided below.

Calling the Church Skype account
  1. Launch Skype and log in (see below for download and setup instructions)
  2. Click the green "Call" button
    1. Skype Me™!
    2. Please call between 7:20 and 7:25 (Pacific) so that the operator can add you to the conference call.
  3. When the call is picked up, click on the Microphone Icon at the bottom of the Skype window to MUTE your line, so as to not disturb other listeners (if you do not have a microphone, please disregard this note).
Skype Setup (once)
  1. Visit
  2. If you've never used Skype before, create a new Skype Account
  3. If you don't have the Skype application for your current computer
    1. download Skype
    2. Install Skype
  4. Add the contact ""